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Through The Warrior Class, God has changed me into a person who doesn’t just study the Bible but one who is becoming intimately and experientially acquainted with the One who wrote it.

- Peggy S., Member of The Warrior Class

In TWC, I am learning how to respond to God in every situation rather than reacting to what is happening around me.

- Christine C., Member of The Warrior Class

The Warrior Class has unlocked what was in me all along!

- Victoria B, Member of The Warrior Class

TWC is a community where I’ve been challenged, encouraged and loved on my journey into the fullness of who I really am. The level training is unparalleled!

- Cindy B., Member of The Warrior Class

Praying with God’s answers, not just to find them, has been a game changer.

- Allison B., Member of The Warrior Class

The Warrior Class has aligned me with the truth that the same love Papa has for Jesus, He has for me. Simple yet profound. It's the only way to live.

- Charlotte A., Member of The Warrior Class

The Warrior Class has provided an environment to discover the treasure I am in Christ, and the tools to become more like Him.

- Connie C., Member of The Warrior Class

"We believe that our intimacy in relationship with God is the most intimidating thing about us. We live renewed in this fight because we’re going after Jesus and who He plans to be for us on every training ground and battle ground.”
- Graham Cooke

“The Warrior Class is a community of people who train together and pray together. It’s available from any location, so you can better understand and encounter your true identity in Christ, using Graham Cooke’s teaching and our unique resources. Click here to learn more...”
- Allison Bown

As the official prophetic intercession team for Graham Cooke, we want a community who recognizes one of Graham’s Kingdom Assignments as their own - so that your prayers and training are contributing to your own destiny and relationship with God.


  1. Revealing the true nature of God and the permission for deep, personal relationship with Him.
  2. Developing Kingdom fathers and leaders who father through:
    • equipping people to be responsible for their own development
    • awakening and empowering people to their true identity
    • living out a passion to see a Kingdom community emerge in any expression or location
    • equipping people for a lifestyle, not just events
  3. Redeveloping the role of the prophetic in the earth by:
    • displacing the Old Testament perspective with New Testament prophetic
    • equipping people to live prophetically inspired, not just pastorally inclined lives
    • becoming a prophetic people that are safe, but dangerous to the enemy


The Warrior Class Tweets

I have realized that I have been sitting on a gold mine of promises, permissions and prophetic words that I have not been accessing — and now I am developing them.

Hearing everyone's process and journey is so encouraging.

I have learned to seek God to find my true identity.

TWC has provided us a safe place to practice our identities as we cheer one another on in pursuit of further upgrades!

The community of TWC, the tools and materials for growth are amazing. Being able to be on such a deep journey and share it with others has meant everything to me.

We are upgrading our language to communicate what God is doing in any given situation, instead of what the enemy is doing.

I discovered that REST is indeed a weapon to overcome any circumstance.

TWC training is teaching me how to walk and talk in the kingdom.

The truths regarding living in the Kingdom have awakened something glorious in my spirit!

The Warrior Class TWC continuously helps me understand why Christ died on the cross and what it truly means to have the Holy Spirit in me

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